What is it Like Getting a Couples Massage?

Couples Massage

Regardless of your location globally, you can never miss a spa that has couples massage as part of its main menu. Simply put, this type of massage involves two people getting massaged back to back in one room, by different massage therapists but on separate massage tables. You can book a couples massage with your spouse, best friend, mother, sibling or your spouse. It will be a lifetime opportunity to spend time with a person that matters to you.

The techniques used in a couples massage is the same as that of regular massages with the only difference being that you’ll have company in the massage room. Though there are times when you’ll both get massaged in a similar technique, each of you has a right to choose the type of massage that will be most beneficial to him.

If you simply want to relax and feel good, you can go for aromatherapy massage or a Swedish massage. On the other hand, if your partner has a lot of tension in his muscles, he can request for a deep tissue massage. What is important is getting the most from the massage and spending quality time with the person that matters to you.

How Much Will the Massage Cost?

The cost of a couple’s massage depends on the duration of the massage where the longer you take, the higher the cost. Your pay will also depend on your preferred package. For instance, if you book massage alone, your charges will be less compared to a person that chooses to use the sauna or steam bath, among other facilities.

What About champagne?

Most massage spas will offer champagne either before or after your massage. You should be careful how you drink your champagne, especially after the massage when your circulation is at its peak. Instead of taking too much champagne, take plenty of water before and after your massage.

Will the Treatments be Similar?

Though you came to the spa for a couples massage, it is possible that you both have different needs and would do better with specific massage techniques. The massage therapist will take time to listen and understand your needs and with this, tailor your massage to meet these needs.

Just like a regular massage, you’ll get multiple benefits from a couple’s massage some of which are listed below:

  • A couple’s massage will help you to relax and forget all the stress you have gone through in the past. It will be a time when all that matters is the amazing experience you’ll be getting alongside a person that means a lot to you.
  • If you previously suffered from any pains in your bodies, getting a massage will reduce or completely get rid of the pains. You will feel much better afterward and will easily handle the tasks that were too difficult to handle before going for a massage.
Couples Massage

To make a couple’s massage more enjoyable, it is important to notify your partner about the oncoming appointment especially if this is the first time he’ll be having a massage.  it will give you time to explain what will happen and as a result, both of you will be able to enjoy your massage.

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