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5 Tips For Saving Money On Flights

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Often our flights are the most expensive part of our holiday and flight deals are therefore highly sought after. Each dollar we save on ticket purchases means the more spending money we will have, and it’s why we can spend hours online hunting a deal. Avoid spontaneous travel unless you have traveled alone many times. Take the time to plan your trip, as this also gives you time to get your car ready for travel. Also, if you plan your route then you can also plan where to stay at night during your trip. But we want to make your flight searching time shorter and more successful. Here are 5 tips for saving money on flights so you’ll be skipping all the way to the airport.

Use apps to search for the best deals

There are plenty of apps out there that will make your flight searches easier. Hipmunk will connect you with the best flight booking service, like Orbitz or Expedia, which is selling the cheapest flight ticket.

Kayak will give you prices, not just for the dates you put into the search engine, but for dates around it so you can search for the best deal.

Skyscanner is another great booking app which doesn’t open a million other tabs like other search engines, and we find this to make the booking process a whole lot easier.

Tips For Saving Money On Flights

Buy an onward ticket

Have you ever wanted to book a long haul flight and found it strange that the onward tickets (as in, multiple flights) are cheaper than the solo flight? Sometimes this is the case, and if you purchase an onward ticket, even if you don’t plan on taking the onward flight, it can save you cash. One app we love for helping us find these tickets is Skiplagged.

Book early

Often, the cheapest fares are those that are booked far in advance. We sometimes worry that we might book a fare, only to find that the price drops in the future and we miss out on a deal.

It’ll tell you when is a good time to book and whether prices are expected to go down or rise in the future. When the prices do drop, it sends an automatic notification to your phone so you can book immediately.

Be flexible with your route

It often pays off to be flexible with the route you take in getting to your destinations. Sometimes it’s better to fly from London to Bangkok, and then get a budget flight from Bangkok to Australia, for example. If you think outside the box like this and incorporate budget airlines into your long haul flights, you can save a lot of money when you book.

Sometimes being flexible can mean you get the best price but the most miserable journey. If you want to check how convenient the flight will be, use the RouteHappy app which tells you your journey’s ‘happiness’ score out of 10.

Be flexible for when you want to travel

Try not to go on holiday when the kids are out of school because this is when flight prices double. Also, be flexible with booking the right day of the week – flying on a Wednesday is always cheaper than on a Friday night. Try to avoid traveling through Europe during …