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Things to Avoid After Microblading

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Now that you’ve finally achieved the look you’ve always wanted thanks to microblading, the biggest worry is what to do or not do. You are afraid that taking a shower, sleeping or even working will ruin your gains.

Well, it is no secret that the right microblading aftercare will determine how long the results will last. How you handle your eyebrows a few weeks following your treatment will contribute to how good they look.

Here are some of the things you should after microblading:


Getting your eyebrows wet before you fully recover after microblading is not advisable. The water will lead to fading of the pigment which will make the process less effective.

To avoid wetting your eyebrows, you should wash your face from the eyes downward normally and then wipe the upper part using face wipes. While doing this, you should avoid splashing water on your eyebrows.

Alternatively, you can use some cotton swab and a cleanser to wipe dirt off your face without touching your eyebrows. Then, dip another cotton swab in water and use it to remove any cleanser residue on your face.

If you have oily skin, you should wipe off the areas around your eyebrows at least 6 times daily. This way, you will prevent the excessive sebum from finding its way to your eyebrows.


Makeup Application

For 10 days after your microblading treatment, you should avoid applying makeup on your eyebrows. If the skin around your eyebrows gets too dry before you fully recover, a minimal amount of fragrance-free moisturizer once daily.

If you’ve been using acne products such as Benzoyl Peroxide or Proactiv, you should discontinue the application until you are fully recovered. You also need to avoid applying bleaching products on the areas near your eyebrows before you fully recover.

On the same note, you should discontinue the use of anti-aging products during your recovery period. When the scabbing is over, you can get back to your normal beauty routine.


Overexposing your eyebrows to sunlight will have a negative impact on the microblading pigment retention. Ultraviolet rays will make your brows pigment to fade fast which will counter the microblading gains.

If you must go out in the sun soon after your microblading treatment, get a good hat that will block the sun’s rays. You should avoid applying sunscreen on your eyebrows for as long as the scabbing is ongoing.

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After microblading, it will be beneficial to watch how you sleep. Normally, most of us sleep on one side touching the pillow. Whether you are sleeping on the side or on your belly, one part of your face will still touch the pillow.

If the pillow rubs against your eyebrows, it can lead to premature falling of the scabs. As a result, the microblading strokes will fade prematurely. With this, you’d have spent huge sums of money without getting maximum benefits from it.


Just like water, sweating will push out the pigment, making the microblading strokes to fade prematurely. You should avoid engaging in any activities that will lead to sweating including working out. When the scabbing is over, you can resume your rigorous exercises without worrying about your eyebrows.

Picking Scabs

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